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The assistant professor (from October 1994), deputy director (from October 2000), and director (from October 2002 'till today) of the Institute of Information Studies & Librarianship , which is in the organizational structure of the Faculty of Philosophy & Arts and the Charles University. The Charles University (based in 14th century by king Karel IV) is located in Prague (Czech Republic). Our institute (based in 1950 as a department and developed under various names in a stucture of the Charles University) is the greatest information and library school in Czech Republic with 500 students (Jan 2007) of all forms (of 3 study levels: Bc, MSc/Mgr, PhD-doctoral degree), 33 members - professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and assistants. We have also external professors, lecturers, and scholars.

Briefly from my professional C.V.: before and during coming at the institute in 1994 I worked for users/clients from R&D areas (especially natural & technical sciences, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, military science, psychology, or enviromental sciences) as information specialist, reference services specialist, information officer, information manager, research specialist, and head of department (of external databases & online services) -- good school from many, many users, scientists and their professional stories. My master's thesis (1990) had the title "Methods and the Role of Effective Reading in Information Work", and my dissertation (defended 2000) "Online Retrieval & Services in the Context of Human-Computer Interaction". Much inspiration and knowledge I have gathered thanks professionals and nice people from the Longwood University library (Virginia, stays or visits 1996, 1998, 2001) and the School of Information and Library Science (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998, 2001). I spent happy time during my stays there.

Other selected professional interests: continuing information practice, projects, and grants in academic or commercial spheres, publication activities (4 books, cca 70 articles in professional journals, few textbooks, also electronic articles and tutorials in a web space), co-operating and going live of the E-Zin, especially sections / columns the 'Competitive Intelligence' with a goal of gambit to CI topics.

Short/long term lectures and courses for universities, training centers, institutions, or companies: World Database Vendors, Special Search Strategies, Medical & Pharmaceutical Information Services, Competitive Intelligence via Online Databases, Business & Trade Information, Special Libraries and Information Services, Knowledge Management, Grey (Gray) Literature Sources, Non-bibliographic Information Systems & Sources, Rapid & Effective Reading (cognitive aspects, perceptual abilities of people, practical aspects and training methods of rapid reading), Information Seeking Behaviour with a linkage to the Human-Computer Interaction Area, Information Literacy Methods, Information & Knowledge Support of R&D, Information & Knowledge Support of Decision Making, Analytical Reports Methodology, parts of Content Analysis etc.

My 2 foreign inspirative/likable links:
  • SCHOOL OF INFORMATION & LIBRARY SCIENCE (at the University of North Carolina)

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