Logika: neúplnost, složitost a nutnost
Academia Praha, 2002

I don't think logic is a field where people are taught how to think logically. Instead, it is a theory about deductive thinking for people who already are able to think logically, usually because they have some experience with university mathematics.

My ambition was to have more than a list of definitions, theorems, and proofs; I am trying to include comments and explanations and I believe that the reader should be led from some questions to some solutions.

I am grateful to Petr Hájek, who was my teacher and who gave one of the initial impulses for writing this book. He actually wrote only a small part of the text, but much larger part and perhaps everything was inspired by him.

As a result of an agreement with the Academia publishing company, a pdf version of the book is now available (full text!) for study purposes (only!). When downloading the file, it is recommended to download also Errata and place both files to the same folder on local computer. Redistribution and modifications of the file is not allowed! Printing of (any part of) the document is not allowed!

Po domluvě s nakladatelstvím Academia je nyní plný text knihy ve formátu pdf přístupný pro studium (pouze!). Při kopírování souboru na lokální počítač je doporučeno stáhnout také Errata a umístit oba soubory do téže složky. Soubor nesmí být dále šířen ani nesmí být modifikován! Žádná jeho část nesmí být tisknuta!

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