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Ondřej Bojar

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What I Do

Doing research at Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University in Prague.
(See my publications and presentations.)
Teaching there and at FJFI.

I use Linux and prefer Git to SVN. Here is my illustrated intro to branching and merging in Git.

By the way, have you checked my collection of The Missing Textutils?

These days we're quite busy with Zuzana and Jan.

My beloved programming language is Mercury, and I wrote a gentle introduction to it some years ago (in Czech). On the contrary, I have quite a bad experience with R: here are ways R can surprise a newcomer.

Mercury desperately needed an archive of user-contributed packages. So I started one: Manarchive.

Naturally, I used to have some free-time interests. Instead of reading this, you should rather swim, ski, ride bike, dance... with me meet our kids.

What I Used to Do

(And maybe will do again.)

I spent a year in Australia but that feels like another life now.

Internet Studies for Internet Info.

I've finished master studies at Charles University, Prague. Some school assignments of that time (talks, programs).

I used to teach computers at Grammar School Z© Fr. Plamínkové.

I used Palm Pilot III for about 10 happy years.

My previous laptop was Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RMP but I got money to spend and had to buy another one after 6 years. The 2003 Sony still works pretty well in emergencies.

I did some programming for Macintosh (still the old MacOS).

I and my two friends founded Klubu přátel počítačů Macintosh, the Czech Macintosh User Group, and I was it's vice president for a year.

I've created a huge page about Czech language on the Internet. Fortunately, you're probably not interested in this, 'cause it's too old now and in Czech only...

I wrote some articles for the Czech Macworld, but again, these are in Czech only.

I attended High School Zborovská and created a web page for it. Fortunately, they maintain a completely new version on their own.

I collected nonsenses by computer.

Personal Profile

I am nerdier than 90% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
I was thirty five some March ago
a private issue
a bit more than 190 cm
a bit more than 80 kg
a computer test said 156, but believe the computers! :-) ...and it's pretty long time ago... :-(
see above
married, +3

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